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Watch The Longest Swim (2014) Online

The Longest Swim (2014)
Year: 2014
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Time: 90 Min
Director: Andrew Bernard
Views: 399
The film stars: Wil Horneff, Stephen Ohl, Kate Godkin
The Longest Swim follows two friends, Ben and Matt. Ben has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and his friend Matt hasn't really been there for him. While vacationing at a Vermont lake house, Matt is awakened by loud piercing screams and groans coming from Ben's bedroom. He discovers his best friend Ben: convulsing, shaking, gagging... His legs straight and stiff like a statue, his arms flailing, fists clenched; foam bubbling from his lips. Ben is experiencing a very dangerous diabetic seizure and it is up to Matt to save his best friend's life. No phone, no hospital within 30 miles, and the closest inhabited house is the one directly across the lake. Matt's only option to save his best friend is to swim The Longest Swim...